A lot of ways exist to have a healthy body—a healthy lifestyle, adequate rest, regular exercise. Of course, partaking in healthy food plays a major role in the quest for good health.

Many of our foods today harm our body. They contain substances that poison our systems, foul our organs, or make us weak or vulnerable to diseases. Ironically, the problem rests in the fact that some of these food items taste really good. Hardly anyone can resist a slab of juicy pork steak, a bottle of cold bear, or a large bag of crunch potato chips.

Fortunately, there are healthy food alternatives available. Contrary to belief, these healthy food alternatives are as delicious as their nonhealthy counterparts. If eaten constantly, one palate would become used to these healthy food alternatives.

A perfect example of a healthy food alternative is the soybean. Soybean contains natural fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and lecithin. Soybean is notably a healthy source of natural protein because unlike meat, it does not uric acid.

Meat might contain a lot of protein, but the uric acid in it can cause arthritis. Also, meat is also notorious for virulent strains of bacteria such as E.coli. E.coli can cause gastrointestinal diseases such as gastroenterisis, urinary track infection, or neonatal meningitis.

Another healthy food is the avocado. Avocado is a very healthy fruit because it contains a lot of vitamins A, B, and C, and plenty of mineral salts. For those who want to need foods with high caloric value (i.e., those who are very active in sports), an avocado is one of the best choices. A pound of avocado yields 385 calories.

This is a good alternative to fat-rich sandwich spread. Avocado meat spread over slices of bread is very tasty. Additionally, the avocado does not have acids. Due to this fact, it can be eaten together with food and vegetables without any ill effects.

Lemon or orange juice is also a very good health food alternative. In fact, research shows that lemons and oranges have vitamins, minerals, and other curative substances that can cure about 150 diseases.

Due to these properties, lemons are great healthy food alternatives to harmful beverages such as beer, rum, or whiskey. It is even better than commercial powdered or canned juice; these products contain preservatives and synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to the body. Furthermore, natural lemon or orange juice tastes much better than their artificial counterparts.

Tea made from herbs and leaves are healthy drinks. All teas have a great taste. All can cleanse and refresh the body. Therefore, teas are good substitutes for coffee which contains caffeine, an addictive stimulant. Since teas contain only natural ingredients, they are better than softdrinks and heavily advertised power or energy drinks.

Instead of eating potato chips or french fries for snacks or appetizers, why not try apple and carrot sticks? These are as crunchy as their unhealthy counterparts. Apple sticks are much more wholesome and pack a lot of vitamins and minerals. Carrot sticks contain vitamin A which improves eyesight. Carrot sticks are also considered as blood purifiers, expelling uric acid and other harmful substances from the bloodstream.

To sweeten milk or fruit juices, we usually use sugar. However, sugar can ferment once it reacts with the chemicals in milk, fruits, or the body’s digestive juices. A better healthy food alternative would be honey. Honey is a mild sweetener and won’t irritate the stomach. Furthermore, they have medicinal values. People have used them as laxatives and even poultices (Poultices are soft, usually heated, masses that are spread on cloth and applied to sores, wounds, or other lesions).

There are many more healthy food alternatives. You can research on them through websites and health books.