Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cooking Techniques 101

Cooking is one of the tasks that all of us do everday (okay, not all of us). However, some of us find it hard to have a healthy yet delectable meal. The sure way of attaining that task is by learning various and easy cooking techniques and securing all right ingredients and its substitutes. I'll share a bit of the article that I have read regarding the topic at hand. Below is a short sample of the said article:

"Cooking is simply the act or the process of making food, which is accomplished in more than one ways, such as by heat application or by just mixing bowls of ingredients.  In cooking, there are several tools and cooking techniques that one must be mindful of.  It certainly needs the ample amount and choice of ingredients, measurement, and even heat to come up with an appetizing food flavor, as well as easy food digestibility.

Cooking skills vary from each person.  It may come naturally, learned or for some, none at all, for it surfaces in a person because of personal interest.  Cooking changes the texture, appearance, flavor, and the nutritional properties of the specified ingredients.  In general, people all grew up exposed to such significant everyday routine.  Proportionately, most learned or acquired the skills of cooking from their grandparents, or parents, while the others learned and honed their skills with the help of cooking books and cooking classes, as well as cooking shows.  At the same time, in terms of career, cooking is a succulent career path for one to trek."   

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fruit Desserts: A Health-Wise Treat

Desserts are one of my favorite (should I say anticipated) part of a meal. It is usually served after the main course or main dish and usually are foods that are sweet. However, some people have certain issues with "sweets" because cakes, candies and ice creams are mostly served as desserts. The best and healthiest way to enjoy desserts (if you are a healthy-food buff) is to have fruit dessert.

You can find lots of fruit dessert recipes online. Fruit desserts come in what seem to be countless variations. Some of them are quite simple while some are grand. The best thing about them is that no matter how they are prepared or presented, fruit desserts are divine. Below is an excerpt of an article about fruit desserts. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it:

"Dessert is the course usually served at the end of a sumptuous meal, or simply referred to as the last course. Normally, desserts are commonly sweets or strongly flavored goodies like cheeses, for instance. “Dessert” originated from the French word, “desservir,” which means, “to clear off the table.” Cakes, pastries, ice cream, candies, cookies and fruits are the popular desserts served in almost every banquet and meal.

Among the assorted desserts worldwide, fruits are the healthiest. Though the other kinds can be made healthy in their own right. Fruit desserts are beginning to be more and more popular as different menu are ceaseless these days. Restaurants, hotels and any other food establishments, as well as in any gathering and catering services are each incorporating their own version of fruit desserts. Indeed, there are lots of fruit desserts creations anyone can even try at home."

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